Scrap your Car


Car Scrap Value
What we Want
  • Photocopy of RC (RC Should be Clear and should not be hypothecated). In case, hypothecation is not Removed from RC, Copy of NOC should be available from the Car owner.
  • Photocopy of ID & Address Proof (This document should be on the name of Registered owner).
What we Want
  • Two Chassis Number Plates (Cutted).
  • An ‘Affidavit’ which is written on it that we are buying your car only from scrapping and not for re-sale.
  • ‘Indemnity Bond’ and ‘Assurance Note’. We buy all kinds of Cars, Trucks, Buses, 2-Wheelers and 3-Wheelers. (Any Model, Any Make, Anywhere, Any Condition)